189 Visa Requirements

The 189 Visa – Skilled Independent might be the right way for you if you fulfill the 189 Visa Requirements. For this visa you will NOT need a sponsor and subclass 189 is a permanent visa, meaning you will become a permanent resident if your 189 visa application gets approved.

Because this visa is quite popular, the Australian Government wants you to fulfill many requirements before you can submit your application. It can be a long and complex process, which is why we have put together the ultimate checklist for you to download and print out and get started!

Download the Checklist with Access to all Links and Resources!

Visa Application

What is included in the 189 Visa Checklist?

For each of the below 189 Visa requirements, we have made 3 columns:

  • Column 1 shows you the requirement that you will have to meet.
  • Column 2 shows you how to prove that you fulfill that requirement.
  • Column 3 is a tick box for your own use. You can print the PDF if you wish to tick everything off step by step.

189 Visa Requirements

  • Points Test & SkillsAssessment
  • Identity Documents
  • English Language Score
  • Skilled Employment
  • Qualifications
  • Australian Study Requirement
  • Relationship Documents
  • Health Documents
  • Character Documents