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With over years of experience in the migration industry, MCA has handled hundreds of visas. From partner visas to skilled migration to visitor visas, we know what it takes to get your visa approved. As a Continuing Professional Development Provider, Our Principal Migration Agent has trained hundreds of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers in various Visas and Immigration matters.

Migration Agents and Student Agencies under investigation

This week the Australian Government will start investigating dishonest practices by migration agents and education agents. Fraudulent practices by migration agents and student agencies have affected thousands of international students in Australia and have cost the students thousands and thousands of dollars. This Wednesday, June 27th 2018, a public hearing will commence that will look…

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Migrants to face new English Requirements

Immigrating to Australia and fulfilling the English test requirements can be quite difficult to do, but as research has recently shown, close to 1 million people are unable to speak English in Australia currently. The Federal Government is in response to these scary statistics are, looking to implement a Conversational English test for migrants seeking…

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False Information Seriously….don’t… Immigration case officers have seen thousands of applications in their time and so will also be able to see false information from a mile away, you could even be charged with visa fraud which would expel you from Australia possibly forever. Examples of forging false information: Forging financial statements Lying about age…

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Welcome to Migration Centre of Australia!

We are Registered Migration Agents and as such we provide Australian immigration and visa services. It’s the sole focus of our company.

Our Principal Migration Agent, Mr. Praveen Goyal, is one of the leading CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presenters and has trained more than 1000s of other Registered Migration Agents and lawyers across Australia and overseas. So we’re always one step ahead.

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