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With over years of experience in the migration industry, MCA has handled hundreds of visas. From partner visas to skilled migration to visitor visas, we know what it takes to get your visa approved. As a Continuing Professional Development Provider, Our Principal Migration Agent has trained hundreds of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers in various Visas and Immigration matters.

Study vs Training – What type are you?

When it comes to learning styles, we can broadly distinguish three different ones: Visual learners who prefer images, films, videos etc. Auditory learners who are best at learning through listening and talking Kinesthetic learners who prefer learning by doing You might be wondering why a migration company is writing about the different learning styles and…

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No Work Rights for International Students – A joke or reality?

No Work Rights for International Students – A joke or reality? One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson believes that international students shouldn’t have any work rights. They should simply come to Australia to study. They definitely should not work in low-paid jobs taking away fantastic employment opportunities for Australians. What she has seemingly forgotten to mention…

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TSS Visa – March 2018

On March 18th 2018 the new TSS visa replaced the old 457 visa. We have summarised the information most important for visa applicants and visa holders to know about this new TSS visa. 1.What if I am still waiting for a decision on my 457 visa? Applications that have been submitted before the 18th of…

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Welcome to Migration Centre of Australia!

We are Registered Migration Agents and as such we provide Australian immigration and visa services. It’s the sole focus of our company.

Our Principal Migration Agent, Mr. Praveen Goyal, is one of the leading CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presenters and has trained more than 1000s of other Registered Migration Agents and lawyers across Australia and overseas. So we’re always one step ahead.

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