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With over years of experience in the migration industry, MCA has handled hundreds of visas. From partner visas to skilled migration to visitor visas, we know what it takes to get your visa approved. As a Continuing Professional Development Provider, Our Principal Migration Agent has trained hundreds of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers in various Visas and Immigration matters.

Does your baby born overseas need a visa?

How to become a Permanent Resident?

If you are reading this, then you are most likely thinking about moving to Australia. And if you are thinking about moving to Australia, you are also thinking about how to stay there. While many people try to test the waters first by coming to Australia on a temporary visa, a large group of people…

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Australia to build 5 new cities and a high speed rail

Australia to build 5 new cities and a high-speed rail Australia is planning to build five completely new cities and a high-speed rail to what The Sun called “lure Brits over and turn the country into a world leader.” The cities will be built by a private group, CLARA. Three between Canberra and Sydney along with a…

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Welcome to Migration Centre of Australia!

We are Registered Migration Agents and as such we provide Australian immigration and visa services. It’s the sole focus of our company.

Our Principal Migration Agent, Mr. Praveen Goyal, is one of the leading CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presenters and has trained more than 1000s of other Registered Migration Agents and lawyers across Australia and overseas. So we’re always one step ahead.

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