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Exclusive Seminar in Sydney CBD

Free 1 Hour Seminar with the Industry Expert

Everyone comes from different backgrounds, circumstances and have different qualifications. We all take on different challenges and opportunities but the end goal is the same - to attain permanent residency in Australia.

Australia is currently the third most popular destination in the world. It is a country that celebrates unique wildlife, spectacular natural environments, and world-class universities and faculties.

Find out everything you need to know to attain permanent residency in Australia by directly interacting with an industry expert, CEO of Migration Centre of Australia, Mr Praveen Goyal.

Pathways To Australian Permanent Residency (PR)

Join Our FREE Seminar

with Praveen Goyal

CEO of Migration Centre Of Australia

Limited time only


15 October 2019 (Tuesday)

5:30PM - 6:30PM


Sydney CBD,

L5, Suite 450, 311 Castlereagh Street

Pathways To Australian Permanent Residency

Fulfill your dreams to live & work in Australia as a permanent resident. Let us guide you on YOUR pathway.

Who is this for?

If you: 

- Are a Temporary Visa Holder

- Are an International Student

- Are an Australian Visitor or Working Holiday Makers

- Hold a 457/482 visa

- Hold a 407 Training Visa

 And are looking for Australian Permanent Residency, then this seminar is for you!

Anyone Looking To Become A Permanent Resident Of Australia

How much?

This seminar won't cost you a pound, dollar or euro. 

It is completely free to register and join!

Feel free to invite your friends/colleagues!


When & Where?

15 October 2019, Tuesday

5:30pm - 6:30pm (AEST)

This is a live seminar. 

It is hosted in the city.

Sydney CBD,

L5, Suite 450, 311 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000


What You Will Discover In This Seminar

Your current visa options and pathways to permanent residency.

Preparation and advice on whether you need to move cities or change courses if you are an international student

Run-down of the skill assessment process

Guidance on choosing the right occupation or field of study for you if you are an international student

Live interaction with the presenter to any questions you may have - There will be a Q&A at the end

And much, much more...

The chances of success in extending your visa

Top tips on how to make a strong visa application

Options of applying for partner/child/parent visas

Advice on the process to apply directly for an employer sponsored permanent visa

With years of experience in the migration industry, Praveen has helped 100s of clients from various countries and Registered Migration Agents and lawyers in Australia in various visas. From temporary visas to family visas to skilled migration, he knows what it takes to submit a strong application.

Praveen’s contributions to the Australian migration industry has been enormous. As a founder, he has given the industry its first-ever industry alliance to serve both migration and education professionals with over 2,000 members in less than a year. Praveen has personally trained thousands of Migration Agents and Lawyers in Australia in various visas – almost 1/3rd of the Australian Migration Industry. He is a well-known industry professional who is known for his expertise in Australian migration law.

With all his expertise and knowledge under his belt, he may be able to solve your situation and help you achieve your career goals by working out a pathway to PR that may be the most suitable for you..

About Praveen Goyal

Your Presenter, Praveen Goyal 


The seminar will be hosted  Sydney CBD. 

L5, Suite 450, 311 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 

CEO of Migration Centre of Australia

Find Your Pathway To Permanent Residency

Available for a limited time 

What Our Clients Have Said

"I only have good things to say about this immigration agency. The Principal Migration Agent not only trains migration agents but has very good command on the laws surrounding immigration. I have also personally recommended them to several of my friends and family. "

- Addy

"A dedicated team of professionals who help you through all the process, from start to finish until a decision is made on your application by the Department of Home Affairs. I did two visa applications with MCA and both during very challenging times - The guidance, advice and the emotional support I have received throughout are all the reasons I recommend MCA to everyone."

- Ehsan

(There are hundreds of satisfied clients who have given their testimonials)

Find Your Pathway To Permanent Residency

Available for a limited time