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How to extend your working holiday visa during COVID-19

Currently, there are approximately 118,000 people in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa and on April 4, the acting Minister for Immigration announced the news that a great majority of those who are on Temporary Visas in Australia will have access to their superannuation during this crisis, and has acknowledged that those on Working Holiday…

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Holiday Makers

Holiday Makers in Australia Can Extend Their Duration

Are you on a Working Holiday in Australia? If yes, then this News is for you. Recently the Australian Government announced changes to the Working Holiday Maker visa program to assist bush fire recovery for affected communities throughout Australia.  These changes are aimed at working holiday makers being included in bush fire recovery at declared…

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Working Holiday

Subclass 417 (Working Holiday) visa

Please note changes to electronic application form introduced on 17th April 2019. You may need to start a new application for an incomplete application. A new electronic application form was introduced for the Working Holiday visa on 17 April 2019. Any partially completed, ‘saved’ or, ‘in progress’ Working Holiday visa application forms that were not submitted…

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Working Holiday Maker

Australian Working Holiday Maker International Promotion

The Federal Government is launching a new tourism campaign aimed at backpackers from the United Kingdom, France and Germany to lure more working holiday makers and boost the Australian economy. The number of backpackers arriving in the country has stagnated. A campaign video launched on 20 April 2019 will run in the United Kingdom, France…

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