Request for Further Information (RFI) – Department of Home Affairs

When you apply for a visa to the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) by submitting an application along with supporting documents, you may receive a request from the Case Officer (Decision Maker) requesting you for further information in support of your application within a tight timeframe. This is called a Request for Further Information or “RFI”.

RFI is generally issued for many applications where decision cannot be made by the Case Officer based on the available information. Of course, timing is critical. However, it is an opportunity to address Officer’s concerns to their full satisfaction. Therefore, a careful approach needs to be taken.

Request for Further Information (DoHA)
Work and Holiday Visas

It is always good to structure your presentation of evidences through powerful submissions addressing each concern of the officer. This does not only need a good understanding of migration law and Departmental policies but also a strategic approach.

We at Migration Centre of Australia specialise in writing submissions to the Department of Home Affairs in response to RFIs and have helped several clients in getting approvals of their applications from (DoHA). If you are in this situation and need help, call us on +61 2 46261002 or Contact Us to speak to our migration specialists.