Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 491)

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa allows you to temporarily live and work in regional or low-population growth metropolitan area of Australia for up to four years. It is based on a points-based system and requires you to be sponsored by either a relative living in a designated area or a State / Territory government.

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What is considered a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area of Australia?

Category 2 regional areas – Cities and Major Regional Centres’ of Perth, Adelaide, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, Wollongong/Illawarra, Geelong and Hobart.

Category 3 regional areas – Only certain locations are considered regional or low-population growth metropolitan area in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania. The entirety of ACT, NT and Norfolk Island are deemed ‘regional or low-population growth metropolitan area.

Pathway to qualify for 491 Visa

In order to qualify for this visa, you will need to meet a number of key requirements in the following:

  • Be under 45 years
  • Must be either nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency or indicate that you will be sponsored by an eligible relative.
  • Your occupation must be on the relevant 491 visa skilled occupation list
  • Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and be invited to apply
  • Have positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation
  • Meet the points test pass mark of 65 points or more
  • Meet competent English Requirement (i.e. IELTS score of 6 or more OR PTE score of 50 or more in each of the four components of the test – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening OR an equivalent score in any other official English tests such as Cambridge Advanced English, Occupational English Test and TOEFL)
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Not have had a visa cancelled or a previous visa application refused since your last substantive visa you held, if you are in Australia

You can either be onshore or offshore while lodging the application. However, if you are in Australia, you must hold a valid visa at that time. We can assist you in preparing your visa application and required documents, Contact Us.

Advantages of 491 Visa

  • Stay in Australia for 5 years
  • Right to work and study in a specified region of Australia
  • Bring dependent family members to Australia
  • Enrol in Medicare
  • Travel to and from Australia
  • Apply for permanent residence when eligible

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491 Visa NSW - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for applying for the 491 visa Australia-wide?

To apply for a 491 visa, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria, including being under 45 years of age, and having competent English language skills & capability in an occupation that is listed on the NSW 491 occupation list.

Applicants must also be nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area. 

In addition to this, applicants must have their skills assessed by a relevant assessing authority and submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect. 

To find out more about NSW 491 requirements, reach out to the Migration Centre team today for a personal consultation. 

How long is the validity period of the 491 visa in Australia? 

The 491 visa is valid for five years from the date it is granted. During this time holders can live, work and study within designated regional areas of Australia. 

After three years, holders will be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Australia, provided they meet all other 491 visa requirements (NSW) for permanent residency such as health checks, police checks etc. 

Are there any restrictions on travel while I hold a 491 visa? 

Yes, while you are holding a 491 Visa you are restricted from traveling outside of Australia unless you receive permission to do so through your sponsoring State or Territory Government Agency or through your visa conditions. 

Generally speaking, most visas allow multiple entries over the duration of five years; however this varies depending on your circumstances and the discretion of the Department of Home Affairs at any given time. 

Visa holders are advised to speak to a registered migration agent at the Migration Centre of Australia with any questions about NSW 491 visa requirements or to query visa conditions before making any travel plans outside Australia.

How many points to get invitation for 491 visa?

In recent years, the minimum score for a subclass 491 visa invitation was 80 points (family stream). This is the number of points to get invitation for 491 visa.

How many points required for regional migration?

For your Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect, you must have received at least 65 points on the Australian Government"s regional skilled migration points exam. This is the number of points required for regional migration.

Visa 491 Sydney - Conclusion

If you are a skilled worker looking for work in rural Australia, you must apply for the Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491). To apply for subclass 491, candidates must be nominated by an Australian state or territory. The conditions for applying for the NSW State Nomination 491 have been established by the government.

Furthermore, while applying for NSW State Nomination 491, it is critical to satisfy the criteria of the online form. Applicants are nominated based on the abilities needed in the associated 491 regional areas of New South Wales (NSW).