Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS 482 Visa)

Temporary Skill Shortage visa is a temporary work visa that allows employers to address labour shortages by employing overseas qualified or skilled workers where they cannot find an appropriately skilled Australian worker.

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This visa enables working in Australia in nominated occupation under one of three streams:

Short-term stream – for temporary overseas skilled workers to fill short-term positions in a range of occupations for a maximum of two years (or up to four years if an international trade obligation [ITO] applies). The applicants are eligible for renewal of visa only once while they are onshore in Australia after satisfying case officers that they are a genuine temporary entrant.

Medium-term stream – for highly skilled overseas workers to fill medium-to-long term list occupations for up to four years, with eligibility to apply for permanent residence after three years.

Labour Agreement stream – where an employer has executed a labour agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia to source skilled overseas workers because there is a demonstrated need that cannot be met in the Australian labour market and standard visa programs are not available.

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa in Australia?

The Temporary Skilled Shortage visa (TSS 482) is a temporary visa program that enables employers to fill labour shortages by bringing in skilled workers from overseas where they cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian worker. 

The TSS 482 visa allows for stays of up to 2 years, or up to 4 years if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) applies, and for Hong Kong passport holders, it permits a stay of up to 5 years.

How much does the temporary skilled shortage visa cost? 

The cost of the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) is AUD1,330. This fee covers the cost of processing applications and related activities conducted by the Department of Home Affairs. 

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may also be required to pay additional fees for the temporary skilled shortage visa, such as health care or police checks. 

What are the 482 visa requirements?

To be eligible for a temporary skill shortage visa (TSS visa), applicants must meet certain criteria. These include: 

  • Age requirements.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Employment nomination from an approved sponsor.
  • Relevant skills assessment from an appropriate assessing authority.
  • Evidence of appropriate work experience in their nominated occupation. 

In addition, visa sub class 482applicants must demonstrate they have adequate financial means to support themselves during their stay in Australia, meet character requirements set out by the Department of Home Affairs, and hold necessary health insurance coverage throughout their stay.

Application stages

There are 3 stages under the Subclass 482 visa program:

The 3 Step Process In a 482 Visa
All three applications can be made at the same time but be submitted in this order only: sponsorship application, nomination application and visa application. We can assist you in preparing your one or more visa applications, Contact Us.

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How to successfully apply for a temporary skilled shortage visa?

In order to successfully apply for this visa, you will need to meet following key requirements:

  • Been nominated for an occupation eligible for this visa
  • Meet skills and qualification requirements for the position
  • Meet the English requirements
  • Meet health and character requirements

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 Advantages of Subclass 482 visa

  • Stay and work in Australia for approved sponsor in your nominated occupation
  • Travel to and from Australia
  • Bring eligible dependents to work and study in Australia

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