186 Visa

Changes to Labour Market Testing Requirements

Certain visas require testing the local labour market in Australia before nominating an overseas worker in an eligible occupation. You must show to the Department that no suitable worker is present in Australia for a particular skill for which you are nominating an overseas skilled worker. This is called Labour market testing (LMT). LMT generally…

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Safe Haven Enterprise Visa during COVID-19

Temporary Residency Extension for Hong Kong Passport Holders

Ever thought of a scheme that extends your visa duration by up to five years? Well, if you are someone from Hong Kong, you could be the lucky one! As the Australian government has decided to extend the temporary visas for students and skilled workers from Hong Kong.  Under this scheme, the current and future…

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Distinguished Talent visa

Distinguished Talent Visa

Distinguished Talent visa (Subclass 858) is a permanent visa which gives an opportunity to people, having an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in an eligible field, to live in Australia. Eligibility for Distinguished Talent visa You must: Benefit the Australian community as a whole Establish yourself in Australia either by finding work…

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Immicard Australia

What is ImmiCard?

An ImmiCard is an official travel document that allows certain visa holders to travel to Australia and enter the country for the first time. It is issued to eligible visa holders who do not have and cannot obtain a passport recognised by the Australian Government. In other words, it assists visa holders to provide evidence…

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visa cancellation Australia

What Happens When your Visa is Cancelled?

Having your Visa cancelled can be the most distressing and stressful experience. But what is behind a visa cancellation? For a visa to be cancelled, only the Minister or a delegate of the Minister can grant, refuse or cancel a visa which can be discretionary, mandatory or by operation of law. In some circumstances, you can ask…

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Refugee and Humanitarian Visa Australia

Refugee and Humanitarian Visas Australia

Refugee and Humanitarian (Class XB) visas allow a person to move to Australia if you are subject to persecution or substantial discrimination amounting to gross violation of human rights in your home country. With this visa, you may be allowed to stay permanently in Australia. Further, there are primarily four visas under this Class provided…

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