186 Visa

Changes to Labour Market Testing Requirements

Certain visas require testing the local labour market in Australia before nominating an overseas worker in an eligible occupation. You must show to the Department that no suitable worker is present in Australia for a particular skill for which you are nominating an overseas skilled worker. This is called Labour market testing (LMT). LMT generally…

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MCA Blog

Options for you to consider if your Job situation has changed

With the harrowing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have experienced that our job situation has changed. In fact, this pandemic has hit the employment sector of Australia the hardest, with thousands losing their jobs or having their hours reduced. If you were sponsored or nominated by your current employer, state or territory…

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Training Benchmarks

Training Benchmarks are still valid

Training Benchmarks were abolished from 12 August 2018 with the introduction of the Skilling Australia Fund (SAF) levy. However, sponsoring employers may still need to meet Training Benchmark obligations. This means that: Please note that Training Benchmarks still apply to all sc457 Sponsors who have or had sc457 visa holders working for them. The Skilling…

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