balance of family test

Balance of Family Test

The Balance of Family Test (BoF) is an essential part regarding parent visa in Australia. As the very name suggests, it determines a family hierarchy and parents ‘eligibility. This test examines the parents’ link to the family or stepchildren residing in Australia, and guarantees only the eligible get a parent visa. The children living in…

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Student Visa

COVID-19 and New Arrangements for Former Student Visa and Visitor Visa Holders

The World Health Organization (WHO) Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) declaration has had a significant impact on Australia and its economy. Now entering its sixth week the ban is significantly impacting Australia’s higher education sector. Australian educational institutions are working with students to ensure there are minimal disruptions to courses.  Many universities and…

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Child Visa

Child Visa – Human Touch

Child Visa – Subclass 802 What do you do when you have a child overseas? What if the child is over 18? You may be able to apply for a Child Visa based on individual circumstances even if the child is over 18 years old. Read the case below to understand how we assisted one…

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